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"Executive Diploma" Program on  

Logistics Management

Trainer: Mr. Pattabhi Raman 


Are you a student, fresher or junior executive looking for a career in ever-growing “Logistics

As per the prediction, job opportunities are expected to grow in this domain, in the post-pandemic era. The
E-commerce will dominate the job market, with more and more people shifting to online.

Why Logistics?

Over the last seven decades, the discipline of logistics has advanced from the warehouse floor and
transportation dock to the boardroom of leading global enterprises. We have had the opportunity to
be actively involved in this evolution through research, education, and consulting. It encompasses
the development and fundamentals of the logistics discipline within the supply chain structure. It also
presents our vision of the future of business logistics and their role in enterprise competitiveness

Logistics includes all the activities required to move product and information to, from, and between
members of the supply chain. It provides the mission, business processes, and strategies needed
to achieve integrated logistics management.

This program will cover the below fundamental objectives
• Presents a comprehensive description of existing logistical practices in a global economy
• Describes ways and means to apply logistics principles to achieve competitive advantages
• Provides a conceptual approach for integrating logistics as a core competency within
enterprise supply chain strategy
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The sessions have examples, case studies, quizzes, and a final objective online exam
For Whom?
• Those students, freshers & entry level executives who want to take up a career in Logistics
• Will be useful for those preparing APICS and other Certification exams
Logistics is one of the fastest-growing domains and is expected to create millions of jobs in the near future. 
Module 1
Logistics Management
Module 2
Advanced Level Excel
Module 3
Soft skill Development
Topics Covered:
Logistics Management
1. An overview of Logistics
2. Logistics and Information Technology
3. Strategic and financial Logistics
4. Organisational and managerial issues in Logistics
5. The Supply Chain Management Concept
6. Procurement
7. Demand Management, Order Management and customer service
8. Inventory Management
9. Facility location
10. Warehousing Management
11. Packaging and Material Handling
12. Transportation
13. Transportation Management
14. International Logistics
15. Network design
16. Sustainability and reverse logistics
17. Incoterms
18. HSN classifications
19. Documentations
20. Export, Import, Customs clearance
21. Working with CFA
22. Strategic Challenges for Supply Chains
Free Package for Students, Freshers and those looking for job
2a. Analytical skill using Intermediate level Excel application
1. Basic spreadsheet modelling
2. Range names, Lookup functions, Index functions, Match function
3. Text function, Dates & date functions, Time and time functions
4. Circular references, If statements
5. Paste special commands
6. Three dimensional formulas & hyperlinks
7. The auditing tools
8. Count, Sum, Average, offset & Indirect functions
9. Conditional formatting
10. Sorting, Tables, importing data, Validating data
11. Pivot tables and slicers
12. Filtering data & removing duplicates

 Soft skill development for Interview preparation
1. Resume writing
2. Uploading your resume in job portals with suitable skill sets
3. How to search for job in job portals?

Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd.
4. Interview preparation
5. How networking helps?
6. Sample Supply Chain Interview Questions & possible answers
7. Mock-interviews
8. Placement assistance

Duration: 3 months, 100 Hrs Program 

Date: Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday), Between 3.30 pm and 5.00 pm 

Starting on: End Oct 2020

Eligibility: Knowledge of English & Graduates/Diploma 

Mode: Online, Live, and Inter-active 

Platform: GoToMeeting 

Certificate: Regular attendance is expected, with active participation in case studies and section end tests. Participants are expected to clear an online, objective type of exam, within 1 week from the completion of the course. The passing score is 60%. “Completion certificate” will be provided to passing candidates. The e-certificates are provided from “Exxpert SCM” (a unit of “Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd”). 

Trainer: Mr. Pattabhi Raman and qualified associates 

Training Materials: 

Please note the following for this economic edition 

Logistics Management 

Recommended book to be purchased directly 

Part 2a: 

Excel templates will be provided and all exercises to be worked during the program 

Part 2b: 

PPT will be provided 

# Recorded video link/ login id will be provided to those participants who request for the same, for all the above 3 modules.

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