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Exxpert SCM (a unit of Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd) Information / T&C to Sales Partners

1. Whom we are? “Exxpert SCM (a unit of Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd)” is an organisation promoted by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Our expertise is in consulting & training in the domains of Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management & Procurement/Sourcing domains. We do corporate training to highly reputed corporates. For further details, please visit our organisation’s website



2. What is Supply Chain Management? It is the management of flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves active streamlining of a business’s Supply & demand side activities to maximise customer value and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply Chains cover everything from production to product development to distribution to the information systems needed in these undertakings. There is a huge job opportunity in Supply chain and allied domains, in the coming years, which we are trying to tap.



3. Who is APICS & DDI? APICS is a global leader in supply chain education, based in US and all our professionals are certified by this organisation. For further details, request visit

We are also affiliate of DDI (Demand Driven Institute, ) and provide training on various demand driven supply chain programs.

4. Our Programs

4.1 Certificates programs

4.1.1 5 to 7 hours, week-day evening or one full day on weekends Gross Price : INR 999


4.1.2 4 full days, week-ends, spread over 4 weeks, 9.00am to 5.00pm, each day 6.5 hrs, total 26 hours Gross Price : INR 6999


4.2 Executive Diploma Programs  100 hrs, spread over 3 months  Week-day programs, either morning or evening  These programs come with placement assistance  Gross Price : INR 14999

4.2.1 EMI Option only for Executive Diploma program  Please note that in this case, the total cost of the program increases to INR 15999  INR 9999 at the time of admission & INR 6000 by post-dated cheque, with a date not later than 2 months from the date of admission  Sales partners should follow up for cheque and subsequent payment  Target achieved by Sales Partners will include only the amount which has been realised in a particular month


4.3 One day virtual programs to colleges MBA/Engineering/Commerce colleges Fees INR 20,000, if paid in advance. Includes 18% GST Pl avoid guest lectures Separate brochure available on request No leads will be provided. However, it is easy to download a list of colleges with their contact details, from internet and are available free of cost


4.4 Other advance programs (will be introduced to sales partners after 3 months of successful partnerships) APICS certification programs & Mock-tests Coming soon


4.5 Recorded versions of the above 5. Note 5.1 All our programs are ONLINE, LIVE & INTERACTIVE, OFFERED ONLY IN ENGLISH



5.2 All our programs and its content are designed and developed by our organisation and will be useful in skill development of individuals. These programs are not affiliated to any university and not recognised by any government authorities for either job or higher studies


5.3 We offer Programs in the domain of

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics Management

  • Purchasing & Sourcing

  • Analytics with Statistics

6 Pricing details

The program fees Includes


6.1 Max 20% discount, optional (avoid, where possible). Sales Partner can offer a maximum discount of 15% for sales promotion and another 5% to be reserved for final negotiation by us


6.2 5% is additional expense incurred by us for credit card payment. Hence advice clients to make either UPI payment or online transfer


6.3 18% GST is included in the order price


6.4 EMI option only for Executive diploma. Pl try to avoid, as this involves further chasing and follow-up


6.5 Commission is based on net amount. Hence wherever possible, sell at full price on online payment transfer mode. No cash should be collected under any circumstances


6.6 Net price is calculated as below Order price (after discount) – 18% GST (in all cases) – 5%(only for card payment)  In case of doubt, please check with us



7 Fixed pay & Commission;

7.1 All targets & commission is based on Net price, after deducting the variables, as per Sl.No. 6.6


7.2 Initially lot of efforts have to be put in by sales partners and more time will be taken to get few initial orders. To recognise such a situation and motivate partners, the following benefit is applicable for first 3 orders • 50% commission on net order value


7.3 For net order value above first 3 orders, but less than 50k, 10% commission on the balance amount


7.4 After reaching first level target and above, both fixed pay and commission are applicable


7.5 First level Target of 50k per month, fixed pay 5k + 10 % commission


7.6 Second level target of 1 lac per month, fixed pay of 10k + 10% commission


7.7 Third level target of sales above 1 lac per month, fixed pay of 10K + 10% commission upto 1 lac + 20 % commission for sales amount above 1 lac


7.8 Commission will be paid on 10th of every following month


7.9 Sales means receipt of payment, before the end of the month, for the respective month. PostDated cheques will not be considered while calculating the target or commission


7.10 Telephone bill re-imbursement subject to a maximum limit of Rs 200 will be admissible after completion of first 3 months. The bills for first 3 months will be reimbursed on fourth month, subject attaining an average of monthly 50K for first 3 months. No bills are required. But SIM will not be provided.


7.11 No other incentives or any indirect form of payment is available


7.12 Those who are consistently under-performing, will be removed, without any notice


7.13 No specific separation payment is possible, when the partner is removed by us or partner choosing to voluntarily leave


7.14 No other payment will be provided for any other miscellaneous expenses

8 Eligibility for Sales Partners

8.1 Prior selling in educational programs is preferred, though not essential. However selling and convincing skills are essential


8.2 Preferably Graduates with good English knowledge and communication skills are essential.


8.3 System with internet connectivity is required



9 Scope:

9.1 Since these are online programs, there are no geographical limits. Currently we have participants, across the globe.



10 Leads:

10.1 We generate leads through advertisement in social media like Facebook, Instagram, google, LinkedIn etc and average cost of the lead is Rs 50. Hence request you to use the lead judicially


10.2 We expect at least 1 conversion per 100 leads and accordingly we will be able to provide 100 leads per conversion. More leads will be provided at extra cost


10.3 We also encourage you to promote the program among your contacts



11 Who are our potential clients?

11.1 Our Diploma programs are targeted towards freshers and final year students


11.2 Other certificate programs are targeted towards employed executives in Supply Chain domain or those who wish to enter Supply Chain domain


11.3 Minimum eligibility is – Diploma or Graduates with English knowledge

12. Flexible working

12.1 There is no time limit. You can plan your time so as to achieve the minimum sales target


12.2 However casual approach is not acceptable

13. Support

13.1 All necessary brochures will be provided in pdf. No hard copies


13.2 Initial online training will be provided to all partners, to familiarise about our programs and organisations


13.3 If any additional clarifications are required, we can also talk to your potentials in a conference call arranged by you


13.4 Well-developed website is available for reference


13.5 Demo video link can be provided, when required. If someone wants to attend live session, the same can also be arranged, but it may from different program, than the one the candidate is interested



14 Exit clause:

14.1 Partners can leave at any point of time with an advance notice of 1-week period, with no mutual obligations

15 Optional Placement Guarantee to Executive diploma candidates: We have tied up with various placement agencies, across India, for placing our candidates who successfully complete our executive diploma


15.1 For this option, candidate has to pay additional 10,000 Rs, along with the tuition fees.


15.2 After successful completion of our program, our placement agencies will start arranging interviews, subject to a maximum of 5 interviews.


15.3 It is expected that the candidate will attend the interview with full preparation and answer suitably in the interview


15.4 We do not influence organisations to recruit the candidates and it totally depends on the performance of the candidates during interview


15.5 Any expense related to interview process, must be taken care by candidate


15.6 The possibility of placements succeeds in the following situations

• The candidate is a graduate, fluent in English and have good communication skills

• The possibility of placement improves, if candidate is open for placement across India

• Have good consistent academic records

• Cleared last Diploma/Degree/PG in 2019 or 2020

• Attend all our classes sincerely and get clarified all the doubts 

• Get prepared for interview, as guided by our team


15.7 In case, if we are not able to place the candidate, within 3 months after completion of diploma, we will refund this placement fee of Rs 10000.


15.8 If candidates opt to explore opportunities on themselves, they can always do. But refund will not be done in this case.

16 General terms

• The partner who has been assigned this work should handle this work and should not engage others without our permission

• You may also advertise for your own promotion, without infringing on any copy-right/trade mark violation. However, we do not reimburse these expenses

• 2 government ID must be provided

• 2 references of repute, must be provided, with contact details

• We reserve all the rights to alter, modify and change the content of this agreement

• Everyday report (even “nil” report) must be submitted by 8pm and weekly report by Saturday 8pm

• We will have weekly 2 or 3 online review meeting, at mutually convenient time

• This is temporary agreement between us and sales partners and will be valid for 3 months

• Will be renewed further, for a period of one year based on performance. The renewal will be done in regular legal contract format.

• All program and its content will remain as a property of “Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd”

• All legal disputes subject to Bangalore jurisdiction

T&C agreement

Exxpert SCM, 

An unit of 

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