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corporate training

Improve Productivity of your Supply Chain Professionals

Welcome to "Exxpert SCM", Corporate training experts, in Supply Chain and allied domains. 


With several years of combined experience, you organization can get a global quality program. 


Our trainers are globally certified and industrially experienced. Some of the topics are listed below. 


However, we can customize the program suiting to your requirements, on any related topics

Sub-domain areas include Demand Management, Supply/Material Planning, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution
Programs can be organized for a duration between 4hours and 6 days, depending on your needs. 


Both Online live and offline programs can be conducted. 


Reach to us, for a detailed content and best price.

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training in

Advanced Excel.jpg

Advanced Excel for Supply Chain Professionals


Packaging Fundamentals

import export.jpg

Import / Export Documentation

3pl 4pl.jpg

Introduction to 3PL, 4PL & Lead Logistics

demand forecasting.jpeg

Advanced Demand Forecasting Concepts

project mgmt.jpeg

Project Management in Supply Chain

data analytis.jpeg

Data Analytics for Supply Chain

demand forecasting pronciples.jpg

Demand Forecasting Principles


Principles of Supply Chain Management


Transportation Management Program


Negotiation for Purchasing Professionals


Cross Docking

inventory advanced.png

Advanced Inventory Management Concpets

inventory accuracy mg mt.jpg

Inventory Accuracy Management

reverse logistics.jpg

Reverse Logistics

Vendor managed inventory.jpg

Vendor Managed Inventory



warehouse management.jpg

Warehouse Management & Inventory Control


Retail Supply Chain Management


S&OP Advanced Concepts


Enterprise Resource Planning

lean supply chain.jpg

Lean Supply Chain

How does corporate training help?

Corporate training is essential for any company's success. Employees are the driving force behind what businesses do. Therefore, assisting them in expanding their knowledge and improving their professional abilities would only benefit the company. The following are four advantages of corporate training.

Increased Productivity

The employees will be more productive and efficient if provided well-designed training that suits their needs. These enhancements will increase a company's profitability over time.


Increased Creativity and Innovation

Employee upskilling and training can promote the exchange of new ideas, collaboration,

and creativity, resulting in enhanced innovation.


Boosted Motivation

Individuals, teams, and departments can all benefit from training programs that help them work together as a unified business. Employees who understand how

their job position contributes to the company's overarching mission and goals can make a distinction between "my work" and "my company's success.


Increased Profits

Companies that invest in training have a 21% higher per-employee income. When you examine all of the various advantages that corporate training provides to a

company, all of which essentially result in better efficiency, it's easy to see how these can lead to increased income.

What constitutes an effective training program?

Without a doubt, everyone has their own view of what constitutes a "good training program." The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for the optimum training program. However, some aspects are universal in all successful training programs, regardless of industry, workforce size, program aim, geography, or demography.

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