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How I realized the emerging opportunities during COVID-19?

The lockdown has taken a toll on our lives. WIth borders closing and humans distancing from each other, life has gotten bitter. At the same time, I feel grateful to be safe and healthy.

No matter what, life has to go on. And it means doing the daily chores. It never stops. Getting food and groceries are the number one priority now. A trip to the nearest store has become a great task of the day.

Thanks to the latest technologies and services available at the fingertip. In the last few months I hardly had to go out of my home. All the essentials were delivered at my home. Even the doctors are attending patients virtually and medicines are delivered at the doorstep.

Is this the future?

We certainly can't deny the fact that consumption of goods is being transformed. From retail stores to home. The supply of goods are directed towards the customers via a new supply chain. This trend is being applied to all industries. From fashion to medicine.

How can you be a part of this growth?

As companies are growing at a rapid pace, there are numerous openings for people at various levels and departments in those organizations. I have listed a few job titles below to get started in your job search.

  1. Logistics executive

  2. Warehouse management

  3. Procurement executive

  4. Supply planner

  5. Supply chain analyst

And the list goes on. Our chief trainer Mr. Pattabhi Raman, with the help of other few Supply Chain Experts have developed short term job oriented program to help candidates navigate and climb their career phases.

If you are a fresher looking for a great start, “SHORT TERM EXECUTIVE DIPLOMA PROGRAM” is the right fit for you. There are numerous other programs and certifications for experienced professionals. We highly recommend APICS certifications to stay updated about the topic, get international recognition and to stand apart from the crowd.

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