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Technology and its Impact on the Supply Chain and Logistics

Technology makes our world smaller, but it also creates increasingly complex global supply chains. Real-time connectivity and visibility enable supply chain professionals to work with partners anywhere, sharing insights with a supplier’s supplier or a customer’s customer. These digital networks enable rapid information transfer through a web, rather than a chain. This will lead to increasing expectation for transparency and visibility in every step of the process.

As business decisions influence other organizations at an even faster pace, supply chain managers must use this power to create positive influences, including fair labor practices and strong environmental standards. Now, we must work to educate young professionals to prepare them to lead the extraordinary supply networks of tomorrow.

What once was an industry driven by human labor, from warehouse product

collection, to packaging items for delivery, the supply chain industry will be impacted by technology and automation. In 2017, there were a little more than two million industrial robots operating on factory floors.

Trends show that we are moving into the digital supply chain age, however, there are critical components of supply chain management that require human labor. A CMMS improves productivity by digitally tracking asset depreciation and availability, so that a supply chain manager can better make data-driven decisions for supply chain planning and determining cost strategies.

Even though automation and technology affecting the manual power in supply chain human need is also essential for taking the key decisions and some times to operate the big machines. So the need of proper end to end supply chain knowledge is more essential and professionals should be in a position to work in any stream of Supply Chain readily.

For this purpose we are training the aspirants and professionals on Supply Chain Management. We have experienced trainer (Pattabhi Raman) who had nearly 3 decades of experience in Supply Chain in various top organizations. Offering short term courses and certification courses in Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management. So enroll for the course and certified at low price.

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